Why Music Concerts Don’t Use Promo Codes Often

If you have ever bought tickets for a music concert, you are likely well aware that it can be very difficult to find promo codes for them. There are very few concerts that offer promo codes. In this article, we will go over some of the reasons you cannot find coupons and promo codes available to use to reduce the cost of a concert.

Why Music Concerts Don’t Use Promo Codes:

1. Third Party Ticketing Agencies

One of the main reasons concerts don’t typically use promo codes is because they generally sell a lot of their tickets through online third party ticketing agencies. This means that they are not necessarily selling only directly to the end-customer which leaves them with less incentive to offer hefty discounts or promo codes to be used for their tickets. These third-party ticketing agencies compete based on price. Therefore, the concerts benefit more from giving out tickets to these agencies at wholesale prices and having them discount the tickets further using promo codes. This gives them the ability to sell a certain number of tickets at a certain price point which makes the revenue earned much more consistent and reliable regardless of how well the event ends up doing.

2. People Buy Them Anways

Another reason a lot of these companies do not look to discount their concerts is due to the fact that people generally buy tickets for them anyways. Because most people are not going to be actively looking for promo codes or discount vouchers for concerts, they don’t tend to need to use them in order to get the tickets sold. This alone makes it much less likely that they will end up using them because they are not in a position where they need to. Because people end up buying them anyway, it is something that holds them back from having any sort of incentive to heavily discount them in the first place.

3. Discounting The Experience

Another reason a lot of the concerts don’t offer promo codes is that it effectively discounts the entire experience that they are creating. Therefore, a lot of artists and those throwing the concert are not going to want to do that. Because it gives the impression of the concert being lesser or having a lower perceived value, it is something that a lot of venues and artists are likely to avoid. Rather than giving out promo codes which can make the concert have a lower perceived value, they typically look for different ways to fill up the seats and/or to liquidate the tickets to a wholesaler that prices the tickets lower for them. Having the tickets priced lower directly from the venue or the company throwing the concert makes it look like the demand isn’t there.

Overall, there are plenty of different reasons a lot of concerts simply do not offer promo codes or any sort of discount codes on their tickets. If you are looking to score any sort of savings on your concert tickets, you are going to need to look for other ways to save money or perhaps purchase your tickets through a third party reseller. By doing this, you should be able to save a good amount of money on your tickets as long as the demand is not outpacing the supply. When the demand is much higher than the supply, you are going to run into a situation where you are dealing with much more expensive tickets. You simply will not find promo codes or discount codes available to use to purchase concert tickets often but you can through a third-party marketplace.